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Grip Pressure When Chipping Into the Wind

A quick tip can easily improve your game when you’re chipping into the wind. Take your normal setup for a chip shot: ball centered and weight slightly forward. Pay attention to the grip pressure in your lead hand (your left hand for a right-handed...

Chipping and Pitching Fundamentals

Chipping and Pitching Fundamentals

When it comes to the fundamentals of chipping and pitching here are the 4 basics you should focus on. Stance When you’re taking your stance on a full shot, you’re going to be standing with your feet about shoulder width apart. You want a...

Chipping from a Tight Lie

Chipping From a Tight Lie: Improve Your Setup

There are a couple of key fundamentals you can focus on at home which should help you hit this shot with more confidence and consistency when it comes to chipping from a tight lie. This can be a terrifying scenario for many golfers and very hard to...