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Hip Rotation with Transitional Move

This is a great exercise to help you rotate into your hip and improve your downswing footwork.

While holding a medicine ball, stand with your feet shoulder-length apart and step your left leg back. Then slowly rotate your torso to your right side and extend your arms out.

The medicine ball will throw you off balance as you extend your hands away from you, forcing you to grip the ground and keep pressure on the inside arch of your foot.

Then bring the ball back in towards you. Next lift your left leg and take a step further out to the left. Rotate your body to your left side as you move your weight onto your left leg.

Being able to properly load your hip (rotate into your hip with a stable trail leg) will allow you to explode into the ball (rotate out of your hip and onto your lead leg).

The best ball strikers typically have the best footwork, because their feet are actively working into the ground opposing force – building up tension/establishing torque, to load and explode.

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Written by
Jonathan Avalos
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Written by Jonathan Avalos