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Spatial awareness – Be mindful of where all your playing partners are before taking a practice swing or swing at the ball. It is customary, or polite etiquette, to stand off to the side of the golfer playing the shot, in front of them but behind the line of play. It is not recommended to walk or stand behind them unless you are in the safety of your golf cart while they are hitting.

Avoid talking while someone else is hitting – Make your best efforts to avoid general chit chat or conversation while someone else is playing a shot to avoid distracting them. Some people are not going to care as it is becoming more common in a social golf environment to enjoy music on our smart devices and portable speakers. However, in a competitive situation it is best to keep quiet while others are hitting.

Line of play – Do your best to avoid standing within any player’s field of view while they are hitting a golf shot. The easiest place for this to occur is on the putting green when people are playing from all areas of the green. Again, like with music playing in a social setting, I doubt too many people are going to be put off by where you stand unless you are side by side. Just be mindful of where you are when others are putting and try to stand off to the side away from the direct line of view.

Written by
Brad Smith
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Written by Brad Smith