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How to Select Your Golf Club for Pitching

When you are out on the golf course, it is so important to have a variety of shots. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by using the same length swing but with different lofted clubs. Doing so will give you a number of different distances and trajectories on your shots to know you’ll be making the correct club selection for the given shot. I typically use my wedges and occasionally even a 9 iron. I will use the maximum swing length allowed when using my FLYT Sleeve to create four consistent carry distances. Each shot will go approximately 15-20 yards further than the last. Around 40 yards with my lob wedge, 55 with my sand wedge, 70 with my pitching wedge and roughly 85 yards with my 9 iron. I feel much more comfortable, particularly into the wind from 80-85 yards, taking a smaller swing with my 9 iron and controlling the ball flight than throwing one up higher with my lob wedge.

I think you’ll find trying this at home will really improve your game inside 85 yards.

Written by
Brad Smith
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Written by Brad Smith