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Stuck Behind the Trees - Recovery Shot

Stuck Behind the Trees: Recovery Shot

For the average golfer, if you’re stuck behind the trees you’ve probably heard to “take your medicine”. In other words, take the easiest route to get the ball back on the fairway. This will give you the best approach on your next shot. However, for...

Using Ball Position to Shape Your Shots

Using Ball Position to Shape Your Shots

Using ball position can help to alter the shape of your shots. Not only can change the ball flight from right to left or left to right. But it also affects the trajectory up or down. Let’s start by going over a draw. Begin by moving the ball forward...

Ball Position Using Your Driver

Ball Position Using Your Driver: Setup Fundamentals

For proper setup when using your fairway wood or driver, it’s important to focus on your ball position. Each club will start getting progressively longer and it is important to counter this by widening your stance to the same degree. Widening...

Chipping from a Tight Lie

Chipping From a Tight Lie: Improve Your Setup

There are a couple of key fundamentals you can focus on at home which should help you hit this shot with more confidence and consistency when it comes to chipping from a tight lie. This can be a terrifying scenario for many golfers and very hard to...