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Length of Your Putting Stroke

Nothing is more important in your game than a consistent putting stroke. You can be the best player from tee to green but without a good stroke on the greens, you still won’t be able to put up the score you want. It is important that you pay...

Higher Trajectory Chip Shots - Ball Position Guide

Higher Trajectory Chip Shots: Ball Position Guide

To get a higher trajectory of your chip shots, try shifting the ball slightly forward in your stance and making the same motion. The ball will come up slightly shorter because you’re increasing that loft, so you will have to hit it a little harder...

Chipping and Pitching Fundamentals

Chipping and Pitching Fundamentals

When it comes to the fundamentals of chipping and pitching here are the 4 basics you should focus on. Stance When you’re taking your stance on a full shot, you’re going to be standing with your feet about shoulder width apart. You want a...